Georgia High School Basketball Project

The Lowndes Streak

The death of the legendary Charles Cooper inspired me to go back and look at what he's most known for - the 1976-80 winning streak with the Lowndes Vikettes.

The number published by the newspapers recently is actually incorrect, the number was 122 instead of 124. Still, the minor error in statistics could be considered akin to adding two more miles to the Pacific Ocean. The number is incredible, any way you look at it.

Still, this is not the longest winning streak in Georgia for high school basketball. The Taylor County girls ran up 132 games in the late 1960s/early 1970s. While ten games below that mark, Lowndes probably received more media attention because of its size and the emergence of the women's game.

Speaking of Taylor County, there is now a website that details their 132 game streak.

Without adieu, the list of victims...

Win # Game # Date Home/
Victim LHS Opp. Game Title Notes
11Nov 23ABerrien5128Charles Cooper also coaches the Lowndes boys in 1976-77.
22Nov 24HTift Co.6943
33Nov 30AThomasville Central7631
44Dec 03HMoultrie7044
55Dec 04ABainbridge5850
66Dec 08HValdosta6540
77Dec 10HThomasville4437
88Dec 14HBrooks Co.7140
99Dec 29--Tift Co.7039Lowndes Christmas Tournament
1010Dec 30--Brooks Co.6334Lowndes Christmas TournamentBrooks won Class AA title in 1977.
1111Jan 07HWestover8611Cooper's 100th victory with the Vikettes
1212Jan 11AValdosta4224
1313Jan 14ATift Co.8341
1414Jan 18AThomasville7126
1515Jan 21HCrisp Co.7933
1616Jan 22ADougherty Co.8454
1717Jan 25HThomasville Central7125
1818Jan 28AMonroe (Albany)7326
1919Feb 01AMoultrie6332
2020Feb 04HAlbany8136
2121Feb 05HBerrien6345
2222Feb 11HBainbridge7051
2323Feb 18--Thomasville73441-AAA-S at Thomasville Central
2424Feb 19--Bainbridge69481-AAA-S at Thomasville Central
2525Feb 25--Tift Co.75321-AAA at Dougherty County
2626Feb 26--Bainbridge61461-AAA at Dougherty County
2727Mar 03--Wheeler (Marietta)6845State at Cobb Civic Center
2828Mar 10--Warner Robins5242State at Alexander Memorial Coliseum
2929Mar 11--Tucker5344State at Alexander Memorial Coliseum
3030Mar 12--Cherokee5345State at Alexander Memorial ColiseumLowndes down 35-40 going into 4th quarter; Cherokee entered game at 29-0.
Season averages: LHS - 66.90, Opp. - 37.87
311Nov 18HDougherty Co.9154 Terry Wilkes begins coaching the Lowndes boys.
322Nov 22HBerrien5956BHS missed a tying shot with 12 seconds to play.
333Nov 23ATift Co.5529
344Nov 29HThomasville Central6230
355Dec 02AMoultrie7022
366Dec 03HBainbridge6755
377Dec 06AValdosta4336LHS up 23-22 at half.
388Dec 09AThomasville5124
399Dec 13ABrooks Co.7148
4010Dec 28--Thomasville Central4820Lowndes Christmas Tournament
4111Dec 29--Thomasville6241Lowndes Christmas Tournament
4212Jan 06AWestover822141-4 at half.
4313Jan 10HValdosta8039
4414Jan 13HTift Co.8760
4515Jan 17HThomasville7148
4616Jan 20ACrisp Co.7755
4717Jan 24AThomasville Central5855Tied at 54 with 54 seconds remaining.
4818Jan 27HMonroe (Albany)7430
4919Jan 31HMoultrie5731
5020Feb 03AAlbany7929
5121Feb 07ABerrien6856Berrien was Class A runner-up in 1978.
5222Feb 10ABainbridge5350Lowndes trailed 38-40 after the 3rd quarter.
5323Feb 17--Thomasville Central5939 1-AAA-S at Lowndes
5424Feb 18--Moultrie71371-AAA-S at LowndesMoultrie stall balled into the finals by beating Bainbridge, 19-18.
5525Feb 24--Tift Co.70441-AAA at Bainbridge
5626Feb 25--Crisp Co.63481-AAA at Bainbridge
5727Mar 02--Northside (Warner Robins)6136State at Cobb Civic Center
5828Mar 04--Warner Robins5121State at Cobb Civic Center
5929Mar 08--Morrow6445State at Cobb Civic Center
6030Mar 09--South Gwinnett5843State at Cobb Civic Center
Season averages: LHS - 65.40, Opp. - 40.07
611Nov 17AAlbany9135
622Nov 21ABerrien6452
633Dec 01HColquitt Co.7649
644Dec 02ABainbridge6640
655Dec 05HValdosta9150
666Dec 08HThomasville10022
677Dec 12AThomasville Central6333
688Dec 16ABrooks Co.7631
699Dec 22--Ware Co.8536Lowndes Christmas Tournament
7010Dec 23--Berrien5935Lowndes Christmas Tournament
7111Jan 05HWestover10826
7212Jan 09AValdosta7537
7313Jan 12ATift Co.8837
7414Jan 16AThomasville8237
7515Jan 19HCrisp Co.7048Crisp Co. undefeated.
7616Jan 23HThomasville Central8324
7717Jan 26AMonroe (Albany)8829
7818Jan 30AColquitt Co.5448Lowndes led by two with one minute to play.
7919Feb 02HAlbany9825
8020Feb 03HBrooks Co.8738
8121Feb 06HBerrien8534Berrien won AAA state title with 27-3 record.
8222Feb 09HBainbridge8960
8323Feb 16--Thomasville74341-AAAA-S at Lowndes
8424Feb 17--Bainbridge80331-AAAA-S at Lowndes
8525Feb 23--Tift Co.81261-AAAA at Tift Co.
8626Feb 24--Bainbridge65541-AAAA at Tift Co.
8727Mar 02--Johnson (Savannah)9830State at Cobb Civic Center
8828Mar 03--Northeast (Macon)7546State at Cobb Civic Center
8929Mar 09--Dunwoody8967State at Crisp Co.
9030Mar 10--Baldwin5741State at Crisp Co.
Season averages: LHS - 79.90, Opp. - 38.57
911Nov 16HDougherty Co.10235
922Nov 20HBerrien5839
933Nov 30AColquitt Co.6948
944Dec 01HBainbridge7232
955Dec 04AValdosta4729Valdosta tries a bit of a stall ball tactic.
966Dec 07AThomasville8463
977Dec 11HThomasville Central8144
988Dec 15HBrooks Co.6240
999Dec 21--Valdosta8128Lowndes Christmas Tournament
10010Dec 22--Berrien6347Lowndes Christmas Tournament
10111Jan 04AWestover8531
10212Jan 08HValdosta7144
10313Jan 11HTift Co.7535
10414Jan 15HThomasville8048
10515Jan 18ACrisp Co.5352Several Lowndes players out sick; a free throw breaks the tie with two seconds remaining.
10616Jan 22AThomasville Central6126Three Lowndes starters out sick.
10717Jan 25HMonroe (Albany)1092762-11 at half
10818Jan 29HColquitt Co.8659
10919Feb 01AAlbany8238
11020Feb 02ABrooks Co.6626
11121Feb 05ABerrien5139
11222Feb 08ABainbridge7247
11323Feb 16--Thomasville84321-AAAA-S at ThomasvilleLowndes had bye until sub-region finals.
11424Feb 22--Tift Co.68221-AAAA at Bainbridge
11525Feb 23--Crisp Co.70421-AAAA at Bainbridge
11626Feb 29--Richmond Academy7044State at Georgia Military College
11727Mar 01--Wayne Co.9036State at Georgia Military College
11828Mar 07--Stephens Co.7863State at Alexander Memorial Coliseum
11929Mar 08--Northeast (Macon)5245State at Georgia Military College
Season averages: LHS - 73.17, Opp. - 40.03
1201Nov 18HTift Co.8940
1212Dec 02HMonroe (Albany)6240
1223Dec 06ABainbridge6057
1234Dec 09HValdosta5663And the Kittens conquer the world.